Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oopsie! ^^;

I know it's been a long time, I'm sorry!

It's just that life has been hetetic past two months. I mean, for me and Pika anyway.

First off, I had to bail Pikachu out of jail for public drunkness. Then he had to turn right around and get back into jail! Apparently, he had old tickets he never bothered paying off. Plus, he said something about not being around Cena made it paradise but I think he was kidding...

After I brought him home the 2nd time, he dozed off on our couch and I had to explain to Cena why Pikachu was passed out cold. Cena was not quite pleased with the predicament as Mia attempted to wake up Pikachu with her freezy powers but he just rolled over and kept sleeping.

Cena then attempted to persuade me to send Pikachu to serious control therapy but I refused and went up to bed.

Oddly enough, a few days later, Pikachu recieved a letter to attend counseling 4 days a week. He promptly tore it up and went back to drinking.

Unforunately, Pikachu doesn't read shit and the cops came and forced him to attend his counseling sessions or he'd be 'going against the judge's order' and be sent to jail on contempt with no bail.

4 days a week toting that bastard to counseling sessions! Man, it sucked especially since I had to drive him since Pikachu wasn't allowed to drive himself (nobody trusted him). He was never in a good mood going in and an even worse mood coming out. I didn't even see progress--he actually kept drinking more.

Finally, Pikachu stopped attending about two weeks ago and he's been back to his ways of rudeness and horrible comments.

Oh well, I <3 him anyway.